U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

(202) 376-7700 National Headquarters
800-552-6843 Complaint Referral Service

Investigates civil rights complaints, and distributes information on law and policies.

Language(s): English, Spanish
Audiences: Service Providers, General

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): Immigrants’ Rights

Multiple local chapters

ACLU provides a page on immigrants’ rights in both English and Spanish.
Language(s): English, Spanish
Audiences: General, Service Provider

National Immigration Law Center

(213) 639-3900

The NILC provides an excellent set of tools and resources for service providers and advocates, with tools organized into: immigration, employment issues, public benefits, obtaining a driver’s license, the Dream Act, etc. There are also online publications, important legal updates, and an e-newsletter to keep you informed.
Language(s) :English
Audiences: Service Providers, Advocates, General

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

(215) 241-7000 National, multiple chapters

AFSC locations can be found all across the U.S., as well as throughout the world. The site gives ready access to important news, sections on topics such as immigrant rights and economic justice, and access to all local programs.
Language(s): English site, some Spanish services
Audiences: Service Providers, Advocates, General

League of United Latin American Citizens

(202) 833-6130

LULAC works for rights in employment, health, education and civil rights.
Language(s): English, some resources in Spanish
Audiences: Service Providers, General

UnidosUs – Latino Civil Rights and Advocacy

(202) 785-1670, and multiple local chapters

UnidosUS works through both advocacy and local supports to “improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.” Includes work in the areas of education, assets/investments, civil rights, employment and health.
Language(s): English, some documents in Spanish
Audiences: Service Providers, General

National Immigration Forum

(202) 347-0040

As well as breaking immigration news, the National Immigration Forum works through advocacy and public education to uphold the belief that “immigrants are America.” A helpful “community resources” section provides useful tools.
Language(s): Mostly English, some tools/resources in multiple languages
Audiences: Service Providers, General

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)

Multiple regional offices

MALDEF focuses on the areas of employment, immigration, education, political access, language, and equity. It provides tools, resources, leadership programs, etc.
Language(s): English, some resources in Spanish
Audiences: Service Providers, General

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

(510) 465-1984, and multiple local chapters

The NNIRR furnishes advocacy and immigration support, both online and through multiple local chapters.
Language(s): English
Audiences: Service Providers, General

American Immigration Lawyers Association

(202) 216-2400
(800) 954-0254 Attorney Referral Service

AILA is useful to more than just attorneys: it provides news and updates on recent cases, access to advocacy, publications and other resources. Also features a toll-free lawyer referral service.
Language(s): English, some Spanish
Audiences: Service Providers, General

Immigration Law Portal

(212) 545-0869 (fax)


Though primarily intended for law professionals, this resource gives ready access to immigration law forms, information, news and other tools.
Language(s): English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese
Audiences: Immigration law professionals, Service Providers, General

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U.S. Citizenship for Dummies – 323.6 HEL
U.S. Immigration & Citizenship: Your Complete Guide – REF 342.73 WER (this item does not circulate)