Computer Use

The Library offers computers for the public to use. All computers are connected to the internet and feature Microsoft Office. We are happy to assist you as time permits. Due to COVID-19, staff is limited in the ways computer assistance can be offered.

You must present your own library card at the circulation desk. If there are no fines present on your account, you will be given an access code for a public computer. If you do have fines present we will ask you to pay a minimum of $2.00 toward the fine. If you do not have a library card you must present a valid photo ID.  Due to COVID-19, all library visits are currently limited to one hour. If you need additional time to complete a TWRA Boating Safety Exam, apply for a job, apply for housing, apply for unemployment benefits, or complete job training please speak with a staff member. Patrons are provided an alcohol wipe to clean computer hardware before use.

If you do not have a valid photo ID or your library card has been barred due to lost items, you are still welcome to use a 15 minute public computer.

Printed black and white copies are $0.25 per sheet. Color copies are $0.50 per sheet.

Read E.G. Fisher Public Library’s Library Internet Policy before signing in for an Internet session.