How to Find a Provider

It is important to choose an email provider that has:

  • Good customer support
  • Proven reliability with connectivity
  • Access via the internet (web-based email)
  • Options for increasing your storage if it is needed

Tips on Choosing a Provider

  • Be sure to check the storage capacity with free email providers. If you are expecting to receive huge quantities of email, or email that will contain large attachments you will need a larger storage capacity. Be aware that some providers will encourage you to pay a charge for more storage.
  • After you establish a free email account it is important to check your mail regularly and delete any unwanted messages. New messages will not be delivered if your storage capacity is full.
  • Messages you keep are stored on a server that belongs to the provider. Providers can go out of business without a notification so you may want to print out important information and keep the paper copy as a backup.

At the Library: A Help Sheet for establishing a free Yahoo email account is available at the Reference Desk, but you are free to choose any provider that suits your needs.