Oceans of Possibilities: Summer Reading Program

Oceans of Possibilities: Summer Reading Program

Motivate your reader this Summer with E.G. Fisher Public Library’s Summer Reading Program! The Summer Reading Program is for everyone of all ages! There will be many activities throughout summer!

Step 1: Register at http://fisherlibrary.readsquared.com or download the READsquared app through your app store.

  • Register as an individual or as a family using ReadSquared. You can find us under E.G. Fisher Library.
  • Select the appropriate program.
    • Listeners: For kids who are read to
    • Readers: For kids who can read or take an active role during reading
    • Teens: For readers ages 12-18
    • Adults: For adult readers
  • Reading tracking may be done digitally using ReadSquared or the ReadSquared app.
  • Paper registration and reading logs are available upon request.

Step 2: Keep track by logging your reading.

  • Starting June 2, every time you or your child reads or listens to a book, log the reading on ReadSquared.
  • Listeners – Log the number of books read.
  • Readers – Log the number of books read.
  • Teens – Log every 100 pages read.
  • Adults – Log the number of books read.

Step 3: Unlock and Collect Prizes

  • First day to collect prizes is Monday June 6, 2022.
  • Once readers and listeners reach a benchmark, he or she can come collect a prize from the library.
  • Teens and adults will fill in the reading logs which also act as raffle tickets to enter into a prize drawing.
  • Benchmarks for each program are:

Listeners and Readers:
Spin 1: 10 Books
Spin 2: 20 Books
Spin 3: 30 Books
Spin 4: 40 Books
Spin 5: 50 Books
Spin 6: 60 Books
Spin 7: 70 Books
Spin 8: 80 Books
Spin 9: 90 Books
Spin 10: 100 Books
Spin 11: 125 Books
  Spin 12: 150 Books
*you can exceed the number of spins on this sheet
** SPECIAL NOTE FOR READERS: For every 200 pages over, log your book again.
For example, Harry Potter is 309 pages, so I would log Harry Potter TWICE.**

TEENS: For every 100 pages read, teens get an entry into a prize drawing

ADULTS: For every book read, adults get an entry into a prize drawing

Step 4: Happy Summer Reading!

  • Continue reading and tracking books and pages to spin the prize wheel or enter in a prize drawing throughout summer.
  • The last day to log reading and collect prizes is July 18, 2022.
  • Raffle ticket prizes will be drawn throughout the summer.
  • At the end of our Summer Reading Program, don’t forget to log your final books online or turn in your paper logs to collect your summer reading certificate at the library.
  • Certficates will be ready for pick up and top reading winners will be announced at the Finale Party on July 21, 2022.

Masks are recommended but not required inside the library. Curbside prize pick up is available. For curbside prize pick up please call 423-745-7782 from the library parking lot.