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Summer Reading Program

Every summer the E. G. Fisher Public Library hosts a summer reading program for children, teens and adults to encourage reading and learning throughout the summer.   This year’s theme is "On Your Mark, Get Set, Read," and our programs include storytellers, musicians, wildlife educators and scientists.   Registration is required to participate. You may pre-register beginning June 4, 2016, at the Tennessee Wetlands Festival or by completing our online form.  

Summer Reading Program for Children

The main point of the reading program is for your children to have FUN reading and to be rewarded for it. Summertime is when children can read what they like to read. Research has proven that reading through the summer helps to prevent learning loss. It also improves a child’s vocabulary development and stimulates their imagination! We provide fun activities and performances as part of the fun. All the programs are free of charge and open to everyone. Check the schedule of events for details.

*Note: some programs have age suggestions and require pre-registration. Check out our Summer Reading Program Calendar How to Participate When you come by the Library, you’ll be given a packet with everything your child needs to get started.

The packet will include:
1. A program schedule
2. Your child's first book log
3. A registration card – please fill this out at your convenience and drop it in the green box at the library or at the kick-off carnival at Ingleside field.
4. The procedures sheet

Important things to Remember

> Choose whether your child is an independent reader or a listener. (Please mark or circle the appropriate spot on your reading log – included in your registration packet).
> If your child is an independent reader, they should count by the number of PAGES read. If they are a listener, they should count by the number of BOOKS read.    (This is just a recommendation, but has been found to work to the best of each category’s advantage when counting).
> Please remember to put your child’s first and last name on his or her reading log(s).
> Once you fill up the first reading log, come to the library for another (and so on, as your child reads more). They are also available on the library’s website.
> Your child can come in anytime during the program to spin the wheel (as they reach the benchmarks); you don’t have to wait until the last day of the program to spin
> All reading logs must be TURNED IN BY SATURDAY, July 9th in order to be counted for a participation certificate.
> All children that reach the minimum benchmark (see below) will receive a certificate with prizes/coupons attached. These certificates will be available to pick up on the final program, July 14 at 10:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. If you can’t make it to the final program, you can come by the library and pick up the certificates later. Certificates will only be held through August 8.
> Prize Wheel: **Please only count material that you read for the duration of the Summer Reading Program. Material previously read should not be counted; only those items read from June 9 through July 9 (when the logs must be turned in for final tallying).
      >> The more you read, the more you get to spin!
      >> You receive the prize on which you land (unless you get to ‘spin again’) – if your child doesn’t want his prize, he is welcome to trade with other children.                                                                                                  

2016 Prize Wheel Benchmarks Spin

          Counting by Books           Counting by Pages

1st         10 books                            35
2nd        15 books                            70
3rd         25 books                           105
4th         35 books                           155
5th         55 books                           205
6th         75 books                           280
7th       100 books                           355
8th       125 books                           455
9th       155 books                           555
10th     190 books                           755
11th     225 books                           955
12th     265 books                        1,205
Additional spins ...
After every 40 additional books   After every 250 additional pages  

Please remember…
> The final day to spin and turn in your completed book logs will be SATURDAY, JULY 9th by 5:00 p.m. when the Library closes.
> Please remember to staple all your logs together (if you have more than one) when you turn them in
> Please make sure you include your child’s first and last name on their reading log(s)
> Please make sure you mark whether they are an independent reader or a listener

Need extra logs? 

Children's Book Log # 1

Children's Book Log # 2

Children's Book Log # 3

Children's Book Log # 4

Teen Reading Log

Adult Reading Log


A BIG THANK YOU to all of our Summer Reading Program Sponsors from 2015! Another BIG THANK YOU to our amazing donors who donated prizes!                                                  

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